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Website Audit

If you arrived at work tomorrow and your website was down, your data gone and there was no way to do business, what would your financial loss be? Your website is infected with malware and […]

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is used to identify and report back on security vulnerabilities to allow you, as the client, to remedy the vulnerabilities and raise the level of security in order to protect your assets, whether […]

Managed Cybersecurity Services

How hackable is your site? Managed Services is a way to ensure that you and your business are proactive about cybersecurity. There is a very high percentage of websites that have vulnerabilities that could potentially lead to […]

Cyber Advisor and Risk Monitoring

Our cyber analyst team works with you to identify your key cyber risk areas including your: industry profile, business processes, stakeholders, critical IT infrastructure, customers and suppliers, brands, proprietary assets, sensitive information and key competitors.

Anti-Phishing Solutions

Almost half of all social engineering attacks involve some form of phishing. With Da Vinci Cybersecurity, any organisation can evaluate the human element of security. Whether you are testing employees at your company, or those […]

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics (sometimes known as digital forensic science) is a branch of forensic science encompassing the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices, often in relation to computer crime.

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The Cost of Cyber Crime in South Africa is Taking Its Toll

The Cost of Cyber Crime in South Africa is Taking Its Toll | ZA

There has been an increased effort on the part of cybercriminals to take advantage of any opportunity or weakness in a government or company so that they can launch a cyberattack, breach a system, and […]

South Africa Exposes Continued Vulnerability in Latest Cyber Attack

South Africa Exposes Continued Vulnerability| Latest Cyber Attack

The most recent cyberattack on Transnet, the state-owned port and rail operator, offers a glimpse of the tip of the iceberg of cybersecurity problems in South Africa. As with many countries, the power of the […]

5 Tips to Protect From Phishing that Can Help to Save Your Business

5 Tips to Protect From Phishing that Can Help to Save Your Business

Digital security is now one of the top concerns of businesses around the globe, however, it is of particular importance in South Africa, where breaches and cyber attacks have been on the rise. Phishing has […]

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What our clients say

Thank you for the assistance and the successful investigation. We were impressed by the speediness and the willingness to assist a non-technical team.

Legal Representative

“Da Vinci Cybersecurity was the fastest and most effective cyber security company to respond to my situation. They made me feel safe and in control, and I will certainly contact them for any future cyber security assistance.”

Jason Hicks

Thank you for the quick turnaround and assistance. The service was professional and will definitely use again. From scope to completion all areas covered.

CIO Travel Industry

What a fantastic presentation.  Will definitely get Sharon back next year to do another presentation to the Table View School Forum


Ursula Doran Secretary Table View School Forum

Thank you so much for all your assistance in that online problem I had. Amazing how people can get into ones account like that. You are really gifted

Amanda Impact Promotions

You guys certainly saved my butt!! I cannot recommend these services highly enough! Security, savvy and integrity – my kinda package deal!

Estelle Soul Coach

Who we are?

We are individuals who are passionate about the cyber world. Ensuring that you and your organisation are equipped to handle and prevent cyber crimes.

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  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Website Scans
  • Digital Forensics
  • Cyber Risk Monitoring
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Cyber Training
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Cyber Security is a specialised service, here are some of the areas we offer.

Managed Services
Cyber Insurance
Penetration Testing
Data Breach Recovery

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