Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Prevent leakage of sensitive data with minimal effort to value

For years, organisations have struggled to prevent data exfiltration due to internal risks or external attacks, leading to embarrassing headlines, loss of business, and regulatory fines. Advanced DLP empowers you to prevent data leaks from endpoints — without requiring months to deploy, teams to maintain, or a Ph.D. in privacy law to understand.
Protection for sensitive data across 70+ channels
Protect your sensitive data — prevent data leakage from workloads via peripheral devices and network communications by analysing the content and context of data transfers and enforcing policy-based preventive controls.


Automatic, behaviour-based DLP policy creation and extension
No need to drill down into your business details and define policies manually. Automatically baseline and profile sensitive data flows to create and continuously adjust DLP policies to ever-changing business specifics, ensuring protection against the most common causes of data leaks.
Prompt reactiveness to DLP events
Enable rapid response and forensic investigations and simplify DLP policy maintenance via centralised audit logs and alerts on security events. Ease reporting with information-rich widgets.

Strengthen your  regulatory compliance out of the box

Leverage pre-built data classifiers for most common regulatory frameworks protecting personally identifiable information (PII), patient health information (PHI), cardholder data, and documents marked as confidential.


Reduce data leakage risks and strengthen compliance

  • Minimise risks of data leakage and exfiltration by detecting and preventing sensitive information from being transferred to unauthorised parties.


  •  Strengthen your regulatory compliance by protecting data that is subject to regulations.


  •  Lower cyber insurance premiums with better protection of sensitive data.
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