Attack Path Mapping: Protecting your Company’s “Crown Jewels” from Hackers

Security companies have taken on a new and innovative approach in the protection of proprietary corporate information. Traditional security approaches aren’t viable, even though higher dollar amounts are being invested. Attack Path Mapping or APM is a risk assessment as security departments see that the cybercriminals are making use of a shadow access via an alternative infrastructure. A company’s data is their “crown jewels” and Attack Path Mapping helps to

Yes, People Can Track Your Smartphone, Even with GPS Turned Off

We have a love-hate relationship when it comes to our smartphone GPS tracker system. While there may be something comforting about the ability to locate us in an emergency, there is also a type of concern that relates to the “Big Brother is Watching You” predictions in George Orwell’s “1984”. Due to these worries, smartphone manufacturers allow you to turn off your GPS tracking system; but it turns out that

Bitcoin Mining Virus

Some are just waking up to the fact that whenever there is a “new technology kid in town” that there will be cyber criminals to try to take advantage. The Bitcoin mining virus has been around for a number of years, but due to the intensity of the increase in popularity, it is just becoming more well-known. Due to this condition, there has been an increase in the appearance of

Ransomware Morphs Into “Destruction of Service”

There has been a dynamic shift in the direction that cyber criminals are taking and it appears that they are transitioning from a money-making focus to one that involves “destruction of service”. The entire goal of this type of ransomware reformat is to not only infiltrate the network of a company but to bring the entire network down. The sophistication of these breaches has entered a new realm, which includes

Swating: A Prank That Can Lead to Death

Invasion of privacy and security has taken on a new and deadly turn with the increase of a prank referred to as “Swating”. In this situation, a caller that may be many miles away, calls into the 911 emergency services to make a false report. The police respond, often storming a residence, and in the case of an unarmed Kansas man and father of two, he was shot and killed.