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Worst SA Breach Ever: Info and What You Can Do; Part 1

This is Part 1 of a 2-part series to offer information and potential actions on the serious data breach that is now affecting almost everyone in South Africa. As the fallout continues to cascade on the worst information and data security breach that has ever happened in South Africa, people are left stunned, angry and now looking to resources to help protect themselves and their families. If you were unaware

The Cost of a Data Breach

One in four law firms with at least 100 attorneys have experienced a breach due to a hacker, website attack, break in, or lost or stolen devices. It is in attorneys’ best interest to take the appropriate steps to prevent cyber security breaches. (more…)

Network Security Breaches

The topic of cybercrime has become the buzzword for many companies in SA and around the world, and even with some of the top retailer and bank security breaches, there has just not been enough action taken for protection. The time for decisions is now, because the duration between breach and discovery is far too long. Stalker Hutchison Admiral, a Santam-owned subsidiary, a liability and underwriting management agency, indicated that

SA Data Attitudes Outdated

In the last five years there has been such an accelerated focus on external cybercrime that many of the SA companies have avoided or overlooked the potential for data security problems from internal sources. The attitude of plugging ‘leaks’ internally has also been met with resistance as staff and management insist that it reduces collaboration and creativity. The results have created a recipe for disaster as sensitive and proprietary data

Human Error And Data Breaches

In a time known for cyber hackers, a majority of suspicion for any security breach has been to look to external forces, often on an international level. Cybercrime in South Africa has been at such a scale, that the government instituted the Popi Act (Protection of Personal Information). However, based on a new study, it appears that a majority of the system data breaches originate on the ‘human error’ level.