Bitcoin Mining Virus


Some are just waking up to the fact that whenever there is a “new technology kid in town” that there will be cyber criminals to try to take advantage. The Bitcoin mining virus has been around for a number of years, but due to the intensity of the increase in popularity, it is just becoming more well-known. Due to this condition, there has been an increase in the appearance of the bitcoin mining virus.

Bitcoin is just one of the many cryptocurrencies that have been created. These currencies act as payments and are used and accepted by a limited number of organizations and businesses. Due to the nefarious and questionable baseline of cryptocurrencies, they are also those used by many involved in the more criminal world of drug trade and especially on the dark web. This is not to say that there aren’t valid transactions, but the goal of cryptocurrency is to offer the option of payment as well as purchases that aren’t tracked by traditional government methods.

The process of bitcoin mining is based on a type of transaction recording that is called “blockchains”. These may act as a pubic ledger but the success of the blockchains are maintained in a static state by miners. These miners consistently validate as well as collect newly broadcasted transactions. Cyber criminals take advantage by infecting systems that are vulnerable and installing the Bitcoin mining virus.

As with a majority of the viruses and malware, the Bitcoin Miner Virus is spread through the use of email attachments, embedded in websites that are compromised as well as taking advantage of a Windows network loophole in the vulnerability of EternalBlue. The problem with this virus/malware is that it is a “fileless” attack; meaning that it is difficult to detect and almost all of the standard security and malware software misses them.

The biggest symptom of the Bitcoin Miner virus is in the actual operation of a system. The CPU and GPU will experience overuse, the system may experience overheating, there is a major slowing down of the overall system and if left without removal the virus can break the system hardware.

Removing the Bitcoin Miner Virus requires a high level of technical skill and if you believe that you have fallen prey you should contact a professional cyber security company to institute the process. Handling this incorrectly can “brick” your system and cause not only the loss of sensitive information and data but a complete shutdown. Trying to remove this virus yourself is not recommended as the ultimate cost in loss of information as well as reputation can be disastrous.

“Da Vinci Forensics has the in-depth expertise to analyse the condition of your system and evaluate whether you have experienced a breach and have the Bitcoin Miner Virus. This is an extensive process and we work with our clients to interact and critique the registry entries so that this virus can be removed without damage to our system or network. We have developed fine line approach levels that assist in containing the damage and then accomplish the removal so that your systems remains safe. We take additional analytical steps in counselling and advisement to help to ensure that your overall network, system and even backup maintain their integrity.”

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