Da Vinci Forensics offers user generated content moderation and brand protection services in various languages.We can moderate on all platforms and media including social networks. DA Vinci uses technology in certain instances but most processes are handled by our highly skilled moderators. In certain countries we believe the human touch to be more beneficial in […]


Malware and Virus Removal

“Malware is a term which means ‘malicious software’ and it is designed to allow software to access your computer and network without your knowledge. “ (Da Vinci Forensics )There are many symptoms of a hacked website, including content changed to promote black market products or hate speech. One of the latest viruses will hold your […]


Keynote / Guest Speaker

Our speakers and/or facilitators can speak about a number of topics that are cyber related. Contact us for relevant pricing. Travel and Accommodation is to be covered as an extra cost.       Learn More Name* eMail* Event* Venue Location* Topic Required / More Information* Submit