Mobile Security Defined

Mobile Security Defined

Whenever anyone hears the term “mobile security” they typically think of their mobile phones. However mobile security relates to all mobile devices including laptops, tablets, smart phones and any mobile device that is portable that can access the internet, networks, or wireless computing. These devices are open to vulnerabilities and threats from cybercriminals, and without proper protection, the data and both personal and proprietary information can be hacked, stolen, or
Job Post

False jobs Sites

There are a large number of South Africans looking for working and any advert is an opportunity for an unemployed person to submit their details and hope for the best. A popular job site on Facebook received a post advertising employment, using a short link (abbreviated url) to send job seekers to a page where there was an advert for Checkers looking for staff. The Facebook page states that “We

DDos Attacks in South Africa Affect Every Aspect of Life

Hackers have made South Africa a target for massive DDos attacks, and there doesn’t seem to be an area of life that hasn’t been affected. In what appears to be an all-out “war,” the cyberattacks have hit banks, ISPs, governments, and even power grids. The onslaught has been so severe that all IT Departments are on alert for potential threats. DDos is defined as: “A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is
browser warning

Local website hacked for phishing expedition

A webserver hosted on the Telkom network, has been breached and used to host a phishing site.  Urlscan lists the site as with three levels of file systems as shown below. Cyber criminals do this to hide phishing sites. / 83de / journal / citi has confirmed that the domain had been comprised and used for phishing. Harvesting information from victims is used by cyber criminals to
What You Need to Know about Digital Piracy

What You Need to Know about Digital Piracy

The speed in which we have transitioned to the digital forms of communication has been compared to the magnitude of change that occurred in the industrial revolution. At no other time have we experienced such an alteration in the methods that we use, and in the race for global digitalization, companies and governments haven’t been able to keep up with the cybercriminals devoted to stealing proprietary property. The thieves involved