Choosing Internet Protection

Choosing the best possible protection is vital to guard against current Internet threats. South Africa comes in third, falling behind Russia and China with the highest number of cybercrime victims per country. This statistic is alarming since Russia and China have a much higher population density and are more advanced in terms of technology infrastructure. Many South Africans become victims to cybercrime, as they are unaware of how malware or

POS Systems: Not as Safe as You Think

Point of Sale (POS) manufacturers may make every attempt for secured data on their systems, but once installed, they cannot be held responsible for how that data is shared. Many of the retail corporations around the world have aligned themselves with outside ‘partners’ for data sharing and this can open potential security breaches that place customer information at risk. In South Africa, as the rest of the globe, purchase information

SA Gov Addresses Cybercrime but…

In 2014, the government of South Africa published the intention of having the State Security Agency conduct an electronic security needs analysis for the country. Actions would be taken to identify, secure and protect critical electronic communications and state organs infrastructure against electronic access that was unauthorized as well as all related threats. Companies across South Africa may have experienced a momentary sense of relief that the government was taking
network forensics

Cyber Security And Shared Data

Corporations all over the world are involved in partnerships, alliances and agreements that allow and permit the mutual exchange of data. Much of this is coordinated and validated between the IT Departments of each company, but just because you received confirmation in writing that the data exchange will be protected, doesn’t mean that it actually is. Little is known about the type of security breaches that occur between companies as

The New SA Cybersecurity Bill

Department of Justice and Constitutional Development invited interested persons to comment on the draft Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill (the "Bill"). The Department stated that the draft Bill aims to put in place a coherent and integrated cybersecurity legislative framework to address various shortcomings which exist in dealing with cybercrime and cybersecurity in the country. Most of us have been affected by cybercrime in some form or the other. It is