Copier and Printer Identity Theft

One of the few technologies that we have thought of as innocent and unassuming, has turned out to be a major identity thief gold mine. The printers, fax machines and copiers that we use in our home and office have hard drives with memory, and they can store sensitive and personal information that can be […]

Cyber Attacks On Health Systems

Healthcare is one of the few verticals that contains almost every piece of personal information for the average consumer patient. With the various laws and stipulations on health system data security, it has led most people to feel confident that their data will be safe from cyber criminals. But in the world of cyber hacking, […]

Vigilance against cybercrime

Cybercrime activity has become rampant as of late and includes: identity fraud, online scams, cyber theft and cyber extortion. Given that networks are typically penetrated over the internet the criminals involved continuously develop new techniques to breach data. It’s estimated that over half of cybercrime activity is the work of organised crime gangs typically operating […]

2015: A Big Year for Cybercrime

It is anticipated that cyber-attacks will become more sophisticated in 2015 The statistics for cybercrime for 2014 are not all in yet, but it is anticipated the cyber-attacks will not only increase for 2015, but will bring more sophistication and diversification. Increased connectivity means that the reverberation of today’s cybercrime is faster and extends further […]