Cyber Hackers Target SA

In January, 2015, the international online auction site, eBay, encouraged users to change their passwords as their system had been hacked and while the area that houses the 145 million user password information was encrypted, the warning was set as a precaution only. As we see mega-giants in the online information world take ‘hits’ from the cybercrime world, it is a red flag alert to both businesses and private citizens

2,532 South African Websites Defaced By Tobitow

Tobitow, a member of Team Hack Argentino and Anonymous Argentina, has exploited a vulnerability in the Web hosting service of Webafrica and defaced 2,532 South African websites. This mass defacement is part of #OpAfrica, an Anonymous social campaign that aims to bring to attention the situation of child labor and government corruption in African countries.The campaign started through hacks against the Rwanda and Uganda governments. Then, there were the hacks