Mobile Security Defined

Mobile Security Defined

Whenever anyone hears the term “mobile security” they typically think of their mobile phones. However mobile security relates to all mobile devices including laptops, tablets, smart phones and any mobile device that is portable that can access the internet, networks, or wireless computing. These devices are open to vulnerabilities and threats from cybercriminals, and without proper protection, the data and both personal and proprietary information can be hacked, stolen, or

Yes, People Can Track Your Smartphone, Even with GPS Turned Off

We have a love-hate relationship when it comes to our smartphone GPS tracker system. While there may be something comforting about the ability to locate us in an emergency, there is also a type of concern that relates to the “Big Brother is Watching You” predictions in George Orwell’s “1984”. Due to these worries, smartphone manufacturers allow you to turn off your GPS tracking system; but it turns out that

Mobile Cybercrime in South Africa

Cyber crime can be defined as : “criminal activities carried out by means of computers or the Internet.” With the use of smart phones these days, we can add mobile to that list. Recently twelve people were arrested in Pretoria, for being involved in an International cybercrime syndicate. Authorities stated that “ the suspects, 11 Nigerians and one South African woman, were linked to this global scam. The suspects enriched