Internet Piracy in South Africa: The Conditions and Consequences

As the internet continues to become the main source for entertainment, countries around the globe are stepping up to incorporate laws for internet use and access. The problem is that the internet itself is the main culprit for the inability to catch criminals that are involved in cybercrime, and countries such as South Africa may have cybersecurity laws in place, but they are both weak and rarely acted upon. This
Gaming Industry at Great Risk for Cyber Attacks

Gaming Industry at Great Risk for Cyber Attacks

Cybercriminals have been increasing their attention to the gaming industry as an easy way to get access to credit card information. In a process known as “credential stuffing” criminals target their attacks using pre-existing stolen identifications, giving them the ability to make lucrative profits. The gaming industry as a whole is aware of the cybersecurity problems and have added additional security protocols. The Akamai Technologies Cloud delivery network provider put
Internet of Things IoT Security

Should we be Worried about Internet of Things (IoT) Security?

As more of our devices become internet-enabled, it seems that IoT is forging ahead to appease our demand for ease of use. However, there are some problems with this process. As we access all of these wondrous tools that are connected to our network, very few people are asking the critical question: are they secure? The stream of IoT products that are hitting the market bring incredible advantages in technology

How Secure is Blockchain?

If you have been hearing a lot about topics such as cryptocurrency and blockchain, you might have wondered what they are, what is the purpose, and whether or not blockchain is secure? As with anything that is digital, the answers are all in the design and encryption. In the case of blockchain, it was created as an alternative to standard finances with the goal of being “hack proof.” However, let
Steps to Recognise Software Vulnerability and Ways to Manage Them

Steps to Recognise Software Vulnerability and Ways to Manage Them

In an age when savvy management is stating that cybersecurity is part of the cost of doing business, the question arises as to what are the most cost-effective and practical methods to incorporate the price while ensuring identification and remediation of high-risk software vulnerabilities. While there are standard configuration alterations and software updates and patches that do accommodate a majority of the issues, there are two additional challenges that must