Critical Industries for Cyber Security Attention
Critical Industries for Cyber Security Attention means every organisation in today’s market must have cyber security protection.
Critical Industries for Cyber Security Attention

No industry is safe from treat actors. Not an e-commerce website or a healthcare facility. Every organisation in today’s market must have cyber security protection to ensure their preservation. However, cyber criminals do look to the most vulnerable companies, knowing that there is a higher sense of desperation if they lock up or take down their system access. The cost of a cyber attack in South Africa is SA R2.2 billion annually and individual cost can be elevated based on the kind of company and it can often be a question of life or death. Aligning with a personal professional cyber security company that is proactive in threat analysis and actions before a strike empowers your organisation and lets you focus on daily business.

Health Industries

Medical and healthcare industries have always been one of the most attractive to cyber hackers. Beyond just the plethora of personal data that can be stolen and sold, healthcare providers often must have quick responses to ensure the safety of life giving treatment for their patients. Any delays due to a cyber attack could cause catastrophic results. DaVinci Cybersecurity works closely with our healthcare clients to offer the kind of advanced protection that they need to circumvent attacks and avoid putting them in a position of desperation. We analyze every entry point access, user, device, and the network to identify and stop vulnerabilities.

Financial Institutions

Cyber threats within the financial vertical have been on the increase over the last number of years. The COVID-19 pandemic caused a 74% reported surge increase on this type of attack as more people relied on online banking and ordering. While the financial world has added extra precautions to try to thwart these digital threats, some have been slow on the mark. Companies such as DaVinci Cybersecurity maintains a level of awareness that is industry-specific, recommending such actions for our financial customers as biometric authentication and higher level passwords. Being on top of cyber security information we send alerts to our clients regarding any change in threat activity and assist in actions to prevent an attack. 


Online stores were once thought to be a popular way to enhance an existing brick-and-mortar or start a new business. However, the pandemic changed all of that, making e-commerce one of the easiest targets for cyber criminals. Many created their websites with little or no knowledge of protection from these threat actors and the results were over $1 trillion in damages.  Working with our team at DaVinci Cybersecurity, our clients receive the kind of one-on-one, personal attention that is usually not found in the big box security companies. We review all aspects of an e-commerce condition and boost the security values to help to protect your company and your customers. While people are returning to a pre-pandemic lifestyle, many have maintained the convenience of using e-commerce and it’s anticipated that online shopping will be a main method of purchase. Placing the security of an online store is a top priority to ensure safety.

“DaVinci Cybersecurity brings individual and personalised security expertise. We maintain a constant vigil on all-things-cyber-security, aware of changing trends that threat actors take in their attempt to steal a company’s valuable data. Our attitude of thinking ahead is one of the most proactive in the industry to make sure our clients have the best protection possible.”

Sharon Knowles, CEO DaVinci Cybersecurity



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