Cyber Forensic: Entering the Dark Side of Information Technology

When you watch some of the crime fighting programs on television, you get the impressions that their lives are filled with continually exciting moments. This is a requirement for ‘entertainment’ that does not exist in the world of standard forensics and it gets even worse when you deal with cyber forensics. Delving through piles of tedious data to find that single ‘golden nugget’ that represents a criminal activity requires professional knowledge and a lot of patience.

Individuals involved as examiners in the computer forensic arena delve into the computer realms on deep levels. This professionally trained group of people are called in when a person or company that has devices that have either been victim of, instrumentally involved with or witness to a crime. These are often identifiers that even the most educated IT Department Manager wouldn’t be able to recognise.

Authorities use cyber forensic specialists to seek out those in the criminal world, but they also make use of them to enter into the dark net to find and locate those that have been part of a crime. They use the information at hand via the technology computer devices to start down the paths that can take them on a journey that no one wants to go. Byte by byte, the forensic examiner follows the trail to locate those that represent some of the worst that humanity has to offer. They weave their way through the bread crumbs left by the criminals, track them and then silently create reporting abilities that can be used for litigation or trial.

For any company that may have experienced a breach, they may feel overwhelmed and even violated. Staff are skittish, IT departments are in a panic and there is a fear of loss of proprietary and personal information. This is where a cyber forensic team comes into play. They will work with employees, locate the initial problems, stop the haemorrhaging of information and data, and create a renewed sense of safety and security. A top priority is to return to a state of ‘normal’ while continuing the investigation and finding the criminal. Focus on maintaining the integrity of a device or network is critical and ensuring that financial loss is reduced and stopped.

One in three private individuals have experienced identity theft. The numbers are a bit different in the corporate world as many don’t report a breach or cybercrime, due to embarrassment. The longer a cyber problem continues without being addressed, the more financial and personal loss that occurs. The professionals in cyber forensics are trained to begin examining, fixing and ‘healing’ the process and when they are called in, they are the individuals that will continue as they search for the perpetrators, no matter where they have to go.

The true crime fighters of the digital world are the cyber examiners. They freely walk into the dark side, knowing that they will be exposed to things that they don’t want to see, but gladly doing the job so that they can find the criminals and repair the damage done.

“At Da Vinci Forensics we have a team that coordinates with our clients. We encourage establishing standard routines to examine and test for potential weak areas that could represent a potential breach. We work with staff to educate and enlighten so that they are aware of the signs and signals that cybercriminals send. In the case of a cybercrime, we are on call and will arrive to assist in repairing the damage and getting your business back on track.”

 Da Vinci Forensics Team



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