Getting Help to Keep Ransomware From Destroying Your World
Ransomware is continually evolving, now a lot of actions that companies can take to assist in protecting their world from being destroyed
Getting Help to Keep Ransomware From Destroying Your World

Various strains of ransomware have been around for a decade, and, just like the COVID-19 virus, threat actors have altered and changed the strains to make their attacks more successful. Ransomware is a particularly devious form of cyber hacking as it makes use of more innocent looking methods such as opening an infected file or clicking on an offer on a website to launch its virus. Once done, it encrypts critical files on the network and locks everyone out until a ransom is paid. Ransomware is just another way to extort money from organisations and a majority of ransomware is human-operated. While the methods of ransomware are continually evolving, there are now a lot of actions that companies can take to assist in protecting their world from being destroyed.

Learning from the Exploited

Ransomware isn’t going to go away, in fact threat actors are increasing their attacks and the methods that they use. One of the most interesting discoveries is that many companies that have had ransomware attacks don’t fix their vulnerabilities. In a survey conducted by O’Reilly Media involving 950 participants, of the 6% admitted to a direct ransomware attack but only 48% had any practice in backup restoration practices, even though 70% indicated that they did perform regular backups. Questions may be posed as to whether or not companies are really knowledgeable on the true needs involved in protecting from a ransomware attack to avoid paying the ransom.

Ransomware Attackers Come Out of Hiding

Organizations have to recognize that where once the cyber criminals hid in the shadows they are now often out in the open. In some cases these threat actors are even state-sponsored and ransomware is now big business. Techniques being used are a lot more sophisticated, Bitcoin payments are almost impossible to trace to the payee, and some of the ransomware groups have even designed dashboards to track their attacks and offer reports. To combat these practices companies need to know that they must have critical tools that are even more sophisticated than the attackers.

Ransomware Goes Beyond the Ransom

While it is bad enough the billions are paid globally due to ransomware attacks, cyber hackers are once again returning to their roots in theft of proprietary information from a company. They are using the organization’s down time while being encrypted to grab as much information as they can. This data is then taken to locations such as the dark net and sold to the unscrupulous. Even if a company pays the ransom they may discover that all of their own data and that of their clients has been breached.

It Requires a Professional for Good Cyber Hygiene

Even the best IT Department can’t often keep up with the ever-changing actions of cyber criminals. To protect against cyber attacks of all kinds organizations need to bring in cyber security specialists. These professionals will establish a “good cyber hygiene” analysis, advise on changes needed such as upgrading firewalls, password authentication, and alternating multiple backups. In today’s business world it’s imperative to train and educate staff to recognize potential breach attempts as they are often on the front lines.

“DaVinci Cybersecurity specialises in working with all business sizes to help to ensure their cyber safety. When you hire our team we will work with your IT Department, do risk analysis and threat levels, advise on crucial access levels, help to establish full restoration practices, train your staff, and so much more. Protecting your company from cyber hackers is part of the cost of doing business today.”

Sharon Knowles, CEO DaVinci Cybersecurity


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