Malware and Virus Removal

“Malware is a term which means ‘malicious software’ and it is designed to allow software to access your computer and network without your knowledge. “ (Da Vinci Forensics )

There are many symptoms of a hacked website, including content changed to promote black market products or hate speech. One of the latest viruses will hold your website hostage until you pay a ransom, and usually in Bitcoins. You may not be able to control your site. Your site may be infecting your visitors’ computers with a virus. Sometimes hackers will simply make your site send visitors to another site.

In some cases your web hosting company will contact you about the amount of disk space or the amount of bandwidth you’re using.

You may be losing money while your site is down. Your search engine rankings might take a hit. You may be liable for the actions of the hackers.

Everyday we see more and more sites being held hostage by hackers, including government sites. Read the latest article here

What can be done?

It takes more than simply restoring your site from a backup, it doesn’t identify how your website security was breached in the first place. Hackers can gain access to your site in many ways, from using automated tools to find your password to exploiting vulnerabilities of the server the site is hosted or the plugins that are being used on your site.

Fixing a hacked website is bad enough. Fixing it over and over steals precious time and money! To do it right requires the following steps:

  • Regain control of your site.
  • Secure it from further intrusion.
  • Delete unwanted content.
  • Restore the proper content.
  • Monitor the site to prevent further abuse.

Getting control of your site isn’t always easy. Hackers will sometimes try and lock you out! There are dozens of ways for determined hackers to take over a site!

Second, you must determine how the site was hacked, then look for any sneaky “back doors” that have been set up for future use. Automated tools are rarely effective because the hackers usually operate in a stealthy environment.

Third, delete the unwanted content, both visible and not. This can be very time-consuming for certain hacks.

Restore your site with correct information. Sometimes you can restore your site from a backup, but many times the breach goes back farther than your most recent backup. Restoring even simple sites can take hours of work.

Scan your computer(s) for virus’. Sometimes the hacker uses your computer to mess you up.

Finally, you should consider having your site professionally monitored and updated, as needed.

If you don’t think you have the skills or the time it takes to secure, clean and restore your site, we can do it for you. Our staff has years of experience and each member has unique skill sets, so you’ll get the best technicians working on your site, whether it’s a server, WordPress or plugin issue. Or all of the above!

We understand that time is money and that securing and restoring your site is critically important!

Let us help you. We’ll completely remove the malicious code and nasty files left by hackers and restore your website back to normal. After your site is fixed, we’ll send you a detailed report so you know what we’ve done.

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Can it be repaired?

Da Vinci Forensics don’t just run a quick script to delete or disable malicious code only to have the hidden hacker files re-infect your site later. Our team thoroughly examine your site file by file. We find the cause and remove any malware or viruses, and fix any known vulnerabilities on your site.

Then we upgrade your  core files, database, plugins, and themes to the latest stable version. And to help keep the hackers from breaking back into your website, we upgrade the security using state-of-the-art technology and best practices.

And if the search engines are blocking your website, we take care of that for you as well. When your website is cleaned of malware and restored, we’ll send you a detailed report.


Analysing malware, or malicious software can be done and only on request. Because of the wide nature of these products, there are limitless ways to hide functionality.

How we help you

Option 1

  • Malware Removal and Restoration includes (single  site)
  • All new strong passwords (cPanel, FTP, database, and wp-admin), based on the highest security rules set by your hosting company. (This is a vital step to keep the hackers from getting back into your site).
  • Complete inspection of all your website files for any malicious script left by hackers.
  • Removal of all malicious code and files found on your site. (We delete all the trigger files the hackers hide on your server so your site won’t get re-infected. And we remove all the hidden code they inject in your files.)
  • Restore your site back to normal or as close as possible to the time before your site was attacked.
  • New Authentication Unique Keys and Salts to disable hackers’ web cookies. (We delete the hackers browser cookies so they can log back in.)
  • Correct permissions set on your server’s directories and files. (Hackers love to change server permissions so they can try to inject malicious code again. We close those security vulnerabilities for you.)
  • A temporary home page letting your site visitors’ know it’s down for maintenance. (Keeps your visitors safe while the site is being cleaned.)
  • A Final check to make sure everything on your site’s working.
  • Removal of malware warnings from Google, Yahoo and Bing (if any). (We take care of this for you so you can get your site re-listed on the search engines.)
  • 30 days of malware scanning for your website. (If your site gets re-infected, we’ll notify you right away.)
  • A full diagnostics report sent to you via secure server.

Option 2

  • Malware Removal, Restoration & Move to New Host
  • Includes all services in Option 1 and we move your site to a new server.

Option 3

Complex Cases & Large Sites

If your issue is more complex or your site needs additional work, you can purchase an additional bucket of hours based on what our support team estimate.

Please Note: Due to new malicious scripts and ever-changing technologies, it’s impossible for Da Vinci Forensics to guarantee 100% that your website will never be compromised in the future.


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