Meet Kavya Bothra from India

I first interacted with Kavya on LinkedIn, he wrote a cybersecurity post that I found insightful and interesting. Here is a link to the article :

Might be the Least Known Feature: Wake-on-LAN

When I chatted to Kavya I was really surprised to hear that he was 16 years old, very focused and dedicated to the world of cybersecurity. Very passionate and committed to the cyber community in offering information and cyber tips and a willingness to share what he knew, I find this inspiring.

I decided to do a brief profile on Kavya and introduce him to my network, after chatting to his mum of course and making sure that this was okay.

This is who Kavya is:

A 16-Year-old Techie from India who has a great passion and interest in CyberSecurity, Content Writing & Creation, and Marketing. He has been Building a Strong Community and Network of Folks who share similar passion & dedication just like me. Kavya started his journey when he was nine years old, his Mother bought a New Android Phone, and as a Kid, he got curious and wanted to play games on it.

Kavya says that

“After asking her, she gave me a thoughtful reply & challenge, Bypass screen lock and play!
I did that without any Internet Connection or Technical knowledge just by trying and trying, and that’s what CyberSecurity is all about took me two months, and that’s how I started.

I do research, Create meaningful quality content through my social media handles and try to add value to other’s life.
I am collaborating with brands and talking with other highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable influencers, putting my efforts towards my dreams and breaking barriers.

A lot of things tried to make me depressed, but I’ll say I’m Worthy and getting constant love and support.”

Find Kavya here: 

and if you have a $1 or $2 support him here:


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