My organisation has been infected with malware
My organisation has been infected with malware

If your organisation has already been infected with malware, these steps may help limit the impact. Ransomware can cripple your business, get cyber insurance with Da Vinci Cybersecurity.

  1. Immediately disconnect the infected computers, laptops or tablets from all network connections, whether wired, wireless or mobile phone-based.
  2. In a very serious case, consider whether turning off your Wi-Fi, disabling any core network connections (including switches), and disconnecting from the internet might be necessary.
  3. Reset credentials including passwords (especially for administrator and other system accounts) – but verify that you are not locking yourself out of systems that are needed for recovery.
  4. Safely wipe the infected devices and reinstall the OS (Operating System)
  5. Before you restore from a backup, verify that it is free from any malware. You should only restore from a backup if you are very confident that the backup and the device you’re connecting it to are clean.
  6. Connect devices to a clean network in order to download, install and update the OS and all other software.
  7. Install, update, and run antivirus software.
  8. Reconnect to your network.
  9. Monitor network traffic and run antivirus scans to identify if any infection remains.

Source: UK National Cyber Security Centre

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