New Technologies and Careers: Preparing for the Future
New Technologies and Careers: Preparing Your Children for the Future

The global labour market has experienced some dynamic shifts and changes in the last two hundred years. We have seen the reduction of the standard labourer in a variety of verticals as they have been replaced with automation and machines. This has encompassed everything from agricultural to manufacturing, allowing an elevation in the number of ‘white collar’ positions. However, futurists have additional information that is demonstrating a continual paradigm that will bring an even more in-depth layer of changes to the workforce that will affect the planning and livelihood of the next generations.

The demise of the full time employee is already taking shape as ‘on demand’ staff have become elevated. Traditionally, there is always a kind of balance when new technologies take over, displacing jobs and then a secondary alteration occurs in the reduction of the jobs altogether. Futurist, Graeme Codrington at TomorrowToday Global has indicated that they are predicting on-demand jobs to take on the roles of personal worker brand managers and coaches, going to the extent of even hiring top-end professionals as an on-demand concept. People will have to develop their own specialty services and brand themselves so that they are set apart from the competition.

The Professional Triber

Strategic designer and futurist at Unique Visions, Joe Tankersley has stated that the new role of the ‘professional triber’ will be more important in the up and coming years. This is a freelance professional manager that puts together teams of other on-demand experts that can accomplish a project that has been assigned. This has been a long-standing practice in the movie and television production industry and is expected to expand into the general workplace. Independent freelancers will continue to be on the upswing as online courses and education offer extended opportunities to set their own work schedules.

The hottest two lines of work that will continue in growth for the future is involved in computer and network security as well as renewable and sustainable energy. As we make a complete transition to a global internet system, the demand for each industry is not only individual but also complementary. Technology makes use of energy and the increased requirements will need earth-friendly alternatives to support those needs. The additional technologies will create more sophisticated computer and cloud services and professionals are needed to support the ever-growing programming and analysis. The enhanced social transition in the use of smartphones for everything from urban farming to smart home security will require professionals to monitor and maintain.

“As long as there is computer system access by individuals and businesses, there will be cyber criminals that will continue to attempt to breach and attack. DaVinci Cyber Security works closely with both private and public organisations to educate and share critical information that will be continually needed to keep systems safe and secure. Our mission is to assist while encouraging a proactive approach for educational and counselling aspects for ultimate security against cybercrime.”

Sharon Knowles, CEO of Da Vinci Cybersecurity

New Technologies and Careers: Preparing for the Future
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