Intelligence Investigations (OSINT)

We specialise in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations. Our expertise lies in harnessing publicly available information to provide comprehensive insights for businesses and private individuals. With a focus on digital forensics, social media intelligence, and advanced data analysis, our team is dedicated to delivering precise and actionable intelligence. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and professionalism in all our services, ensuring that our clients are equipped with the knowledge they need to navigate the complex digital landscape.


  1. Advanced OSINT Investigations: Our team conducts deep and comprehensive investigations using a variety of sources. This includes mining data from public records, internet archives, and specialised databases. We also explore less conventional sources like forums, blogs, and other digital footprints to gather valuable information.
  2. Social Media Intelligence and Analysis: We specialise in extracting and analysing information from social media platforms. This involves monitoring digital conversations, identifying trends, and understanding online behaviour to provide actionable insights.
  3. Digital Forensics and Incident Response: Our digital forensics service focuses on identifying, preserving, analysing, and presenting data in a legally admissible way. We also provide swift incident response to cyber threats, ensuring minimal impact on your operations.
  4. Customised OSINT Training and Tools: We offer specialised training programs to help individuals and organisations develop their own OSINT capabilities. Additionally, we create custom tools and software solutions tailored to specific investigative needs.
  5. Consultancy and Risk Assessment: Our service includes consultancy for risk assessment and management, helping businesses understand potential threats and vulnerabilities in their digital landscape.


Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) encompasses a variety of types, each tailored to specific kinds of information and sources. These include Cyber OSINT, focusing on cyber-related intelligence from online sources; Geospatial OSINT, leveraging geographic data and satellite imagery; Image and Video OSINT, analyzing visual content; Social Media OSINT, dedicated to extracting data from social media platforms; and Dark Web OSINT, which involves gathering intelligence from the hidden parts of the internet. Each type plays a crucial role in painting a comprehensive picture of the digital landscape for diverse investigative purposes.

Our approach is tailored to each client’s unique requirements, ensuring a high level of discretion and professionalism. Visit our website for more information and to request a consultation.

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