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5 Tips to Protect From Phishing that Can Help to Save Your Business

Empower your employees to detect threats and protect your organisation

Da Vinci Phish Insight enhances information security awareness for your organisation by empowering people to recognise and protect themselves against the latest threats.

What do these news stories have in common?


Human Error < ———

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Employees can be your greatest security asset

Phishing scams are everywhere.

Phishing was the most common type of cybercrime in 2020. – FBI

Remote working has made phishing emails ever more common. According to Trend Micro’s 2020 Annual Cybersecurity Report, most employees believed IT departments or using a VPN would help diminish phishing attacks. But the truth is, workers are still getting phished.

We are easily fooled.

Phishing emails are responsible for 94% of ransomware and $132,000 per Business Email Compromise incident. – Trend Micro

Any company can implement the best firewall or antivirus software. However, most companies lack adequate infosec awareness programs for their users. Just one careless employee can cause huge damage to the entire company.

LOG4j: What is it? How will you be affected? What is Being Done?

Why Us?

We provide the most desirable phishing simulation and training platform for thousands of pros like you. Improve your human layer of defence with our professional, simple, and powerful Da Vinci Phish Insight.

Automated and Realistic Simulations

With just a few clicks, set up your campaign to run monthly or quarterly. Choose from Da Vinci Phish Insight’s exclusive templates extracted from real phishing scams and make your campaign more authentic by randomising the delivery pattern.

Customisable Training Programs

Da Vinci Phish Insight hosts a wide variety of high-quality training modules. Educate your employees on all of the most prevalent cyber threats.

Smart User Management

With one simple setting, Da Vinci Phish Insight can now sync data from your active directory and keep all employee data up to date.
Effective Business Intelligence

Da Vinci Phish Insight features highly visualised data and reports for you to keep track of the results of phishing simulations and security awareness training.
Multiple Languages for your global program

Localised content for employees is critical for adoption of your security awareness program. Da Vinci Phish Insight provides both our phishing simulations and training content in other languages.

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