Phishing Simulation Solutions
5 Tips to Protect From Phishing that Can Help to Save Your Business

Who is the weakest link in an organisation?

The staff member…

Almost half of all social engineering attacks involve some form of phishing. When dealing with targeted attacks, this number increases to over 90 percent. Cyber attackers are playing the long game against large companies, but all businesses of all sizes are vulnerable to targeted attacks. In fact, the number of spear-phishing campaigns targeting employees increased 55% in 2015. (Symantec 2016)

Phishing Simulation Solutions help staff become more aware of what is phishing is and how they can get caught.

Attackers Target Both Large and Small Businesses

So why are social engineering prevention and testing often overlooked? Less than 46 percent of companies perform any type of social engineering training or testing.

Da Vinci Cybersecurity offers a “Phishing Simulation Solution” which is a cost-effective and simple method for conducting simulated phishing attacks. With our simulated phishing attacks any company can evaluate the human element of security. Whether you are testing employees at your company, or those of your clients, our “Phishing Simulation Solution” makes social engineering testing simple.


The benefits of using simulated phishing attacks are:

Increased Security. Phishing simulation provides quantifiable results that can be measured. These measurements allow improvement to be identified and tracked.

Visibility. With the comprehensive reporting, key stakeholders can understand the security weaknesses. This reporting helps obtain executive management buy-in for current and future security initiatives.

Demonstrated Responsibility. As responsible organisations, your clients need to demonstrate to their stakeholders that they understand the current threat environment and are taking steps to reduce their risk. By ignoring the threats from social engineering attacks, they could be exposing themselves to litigation.

Improved Training Retention. Employees can receive training on what to do and what to avoid, but until an employee experiences it, their actions are unknown. After seeing what is capable, employees understand and are more security conscious. This fact will help your clients improve training retention

Net Reduced Training Cost. By pinpointing employees who are more susceptible, via the Repeat Failures Report, additional training can be provided to those employees without the cost and burden to other employees. As the employees are more productive, there is increase funding to justify the other expenditures.


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