Basic Online OSINT Training


Open Source Intelligence introductory training is the introduction to using OSINT for investigative purposes

OSINT stands for open-source intelligence, which refers to any information about a person or organisation that can be legally gathered from free, public sources. OSINT consists of publicly produced and publicly accessible data that can be collected and shared without violating any laws or policies, requiring a warrant, or engaging in what are generally regarded as illegal activities.


One of the most significant advantages of  open source intelligence  is that it is widely available and available to anyone with an internet connection. This means that anyone can use open source intelligence to learn about a specific topic or issue without relying on classified or proprietary sources. As a result, it is a valuable resource for researchers, journalists, and other professionals who may not have access to more limited sources of information.

OSINT training 101 includes the following:

    • Introduction to OSINT
    • The investigator and preparation
    • Basic Tools and techniques
    • Methodology
    • Basic Investigation
      • Search Engines
      • Social Media
      • Images
    • Case Study


Certificate of Attendance

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28th October, 4th November


10 am – 12.30