Website Security Checking Service


Good website designers, website owners, and developers use external services to scan their websites for security issues for a number of important reasons.

Here are just a few:

  • Fresh perspective: Internal teams may be too close to the project to identify potential security weaknesses. External services provide an objective, fresh perspective and can help uncover vulnerabilities that might be overlooked internally.
  • Having an external security assessment can provide an independent verification of your site’s security posture.
  • Scanning a website for security issues can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. External services can often perform these scans more efficiently, freeing up internal resources for other tasks.


Website Security Checking Service

With our website security checking application service, we are able to do a basic scan of your website, a basic scan that comes with accurate reports. We are able to offer many solutions when necessary. Depending on the application you are using some of our solutions are free and some are paid versions. 

Performing a basic website scan outside of your usual plugins and Google applications is crucial for securing your website for a few reasons:

1. Identify Vulnerabilities:

  • In order to prevent malicious actors from taking advantage of vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the code or configuration of your website, scanning can help.

2. Protect User Data:

  • By finding and addressing vulnerabilities, you can safeguard sensitive user information from potential breaches, such as personal details or payment data.

3. Prevent Malware:

  • Scanning can uncover hidden malware or malicious scripts that, if left unchecked, could compromise your website’s integrity and infect visitors’ devices.

4. Maintain Reputation:

  • A secure website builds trust with users and clients, while a compromised site can damage your reputation and lead to loss of credibility.

5. SEO and User Experience:

  • Search engines favour secure websites. A scan can help you rectify issues that might negatively impact your site’s ranking and overall user experience.

6. Continuous Improvement:

  • Regular scans and security checks promote an ongoing culture of vigilance and improvement, ensuring your website’s safety as threats evolve.

In summary, a basic website scan is an essential step in proactively protecting your website, user data, and your online reputation. It’s a fundamental aspect of modern website management and cybersecurity.

Securing a designer’s build, a Web Developer’s build, the owner of the website and the people who visit or use the site is paramount!