Small Business Cyber Protection Package

🔒 Protect Your Business Without Breaking the Bank! 🔒

Are you a small business owner looking to safeguard your company’s digital assets without draining your budget? Look no further! Our cybersecurity services are designed just for you.

We understand the unique challenges small businesses face in today’s digital landscape. That’s why we’ve crafted affordable, tailored solutions that ensure your business stays secure without compromising your bottom line.

Here’s why you should take action now:

✅ Budget-Friendly Security: Say goodbye to costly, one-size-fits-all solutions. We offer affordable cybersecurity packages that cater specifically to small businesses.

✅ Personalised Protection: Our experts will assess your unique needs and customise a security strategy that fits your business like a glove.

✅ 24/7 Monitoring: We’ll keep a vigilant eye on your systems, so you can focus on growing your business while we handle the security worries.

✅ Rapid Response: In case of any security breach, our team will act swiftly to minimise damage and get you back on track.

✅ Peace of Mind: Protect your reputation, customer data, and financial stability with our proven cybersecurity services.

Don’t let your business become a target for cyber threats. Take the first step towards a safer digital future. Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how affordable cybersecurity can be.

Secure your business, secure your future. Act now!

Don’t wait until it’s too late – protect your small business today!

Advanced eMail Security

Spam Filter Block

Malicious communications with anti-spam and reputation based filters, leveraging the combined data of several market leading technologies.

Anti-evasion *Unique

Detect malicious hidden content by recursively unpacking the content into smaller units (files and URLs) which are then dynamically checked by multiple engines in under 30 seconds – much faster than the 20+ minutes of legacy sandboxing solutions.

Threat intelligence

Stay ahead of emerging threats with the combined threat intelligence of six market-leading sources and Perception Point’s unique engine that scans URLs and files in the wild

Static signature-based analysis

Identify known threats with best of-breed signature-based antivirus engines enhanced with a unique tool by Perception Point to identify highly complex signatures.

Anti-phishing engines *Unique

Detect malicious URLs based on four leading URL reputation engines in combination with Perception Point’s advanced image recognition technology to validate the legitimacy of URLs.


Prevent payload-less attacks such as spoofing, look-alike domains, and display name deception with unmatched precision through machine-learning algorithms with IP reputation, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC record checks.

Next-generation dynamic detection *Unique

Stop advanced attacks such as APTs and zero-days with Perception Point’s unique, CPU-level analysis that detects and blocks them at the exploit stage by identifying deviations from normal execution flow during runtime

Incident response service

Gain direct access to cyber analysts who act as an extension of your service delivery team. Monitor all customer traffic and analyze malicious intent with ongoing reporting and support, including handling false positives, remediating, and releasing when required.


Backup standard

  1. Image, disk and file level backup
  2. Incremental/differential backups
  3. Backup to any supported storage (local, Acronis Cloud, 3rd party)
  4. Application-aware backup
  5. Archive encryption
  6. Archive compression
  7. Backup checksum validation
  8. Recovery to bare metal, dissimilar hardware and P2V2C conversion

Backup advanced includes all backup features of Backup Standard edition plus:

  1. Supports more workload types
  2. Blockchain notarization of backups
  3. Group management and centralized protection plans
  4. Dashboards and reports
  5. Mass recovery of workloads (one-click restore)
  6. Run virtual machine from backup
  7. Off-host data processing (replication / validation / cleanup / conversion to VM)
  8. Tape drives support
  9. Backup deduplication
More than your average cloud backup – a complete cyber protection solution

Benefit from backup capabilities enhanced with cyber protection – with protection with more than 20 workload types, you can protect your  data confidently. Discover what backup and data protection capabilities you gain with  Cyber Protect Cloud. Harness the power of one solution, one agent, and one console to deliver the comprehensive cyber protection you seek.

Notary Services

Ethereum blockchain

Cyber Notary Cloud uses the Ethereum blockchain, whose distributed architecture ensures verification is always available, with no possibility of fraud or interference

Advanced e-signature functionality

With Cyber Notary Cloud, you can manage every step of a document workflow – from it’s creation to sending it to multiple parties for easy and simple online signing with embeddable e-signatures.

Any type of data

With  Cyber Notary Cloud, you can notarise or e-sign files of any format and type, including documents, images, videos, and music.

Trusted, independent verification

Once a file is notarised using  Cyber Notary Cloud, anyone can verify its authenticity, either through the user-interface or manually via the blockchain. In either case, users can verify the data from any device at any time.



1 Verify that a file is unchanged (or has changed). E.g., Contracts, media files, surveillance camera footage, medical records, rental or lease agreements, loan agreements, etc.

2 Confirm a creative work originated on a certain date. E.g., Videos, photos, audio files, etc.

3 Substantiate a legal document existed when you claim it did. E.g., Non-disclosure agreements, independent contractor agreements, confidentiality agreements, property registry records, etc.

4 Show that bills were paid when you said they were paid. E.g., Financial documents, insurance documents, etc.

5 Prove a document was signed by certain parties and on a specific date. E.g., Digital contracts, purchase orders, internal policies, petitions or any other file.

6 Increase speed and simplicity for remote workers with easy online signatures. Insert your signature with an easy drag, drop, and sign feature into sales contracts, invoices, non-disclosure agreements, etc.

Strengthen your regulatory compliance out of the box

Leverage pre-built data classifiers for most common regulatory frameworks protecting personally identifiable information (PII), patient health information (PHI), cardholder data, and documents marked as confidential..

Advanced Security & Endpoint Detection Response

Integrated backup and recovery capabilities for unmatched business continuity


  • Integrated backup and recovery capabilities, providing unmatched business continuity where point-security solutions fail
  • Streamlined single-click remediation and recovery
  • Complete, integrated protection across the NIST security framework — Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover — all from a single solution.

Complete cyber protection solution in a single agent

  • Quickly and easily launch new services using a single agent and console — to deploy, manage and scale

Optimised attack prioritisation and analysis for rapid response


  • Streamline investigations with prioritisation of potential incidents and reduced alert fatigue
  • Unlock minutes-not-hours analysis at scale, with automated correlation and AI-based guided attack interpretations
  • Increase visibility across MITRE ATT&CK® to rapidly grasp attack analysis and impact, including how an attack got in, what harm it caused, and how it potentially spread.


🔒 Protect Your Business Without Breaking the Bank! 🔒

Are you a small business owner looking to safeguard your company’s digital assets without draining your budget? Look no further! Our new cybersecurity services are designed just for you.

 We understand the unique challenges small businesses face in today’s digital landscape. That’s why we’ve crafted affordable, tailored solutions that ensure your business stays secure without compromising your bottom line.

Ranging from R200* upwards.

*Terms and Conditions Exist, monthly and yearly subscriptions.

Unmatched business continuity with a single-click response

Benefits of Signing Up for our Packages

  • 3 Packages
  • Ideal for Brokers 
  • Ideal for Small Business
  • Monthly Subscription or pay upfront
  • No hassles with installation
  • Complies to required compliance bodies
  • Disc Cloning
  • Flexible backups
  • Peace of mind 
  • One solution 
Protection from the yucky stuff, depending on package
  • Quick recovery 
  • Ransomware
  • Data Loss


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