Organized Cybercriminals

Organised Cybercriminals: Getting Worse, Not Better

Since the 1980’s, security professionals and government agencies around the globe have been trying to place their focus on the main sources of cybercrime. Yet just as the proverbial “leaks in a dam,” they find that they plug one up only to have three more appear. The landscape of cybercrime has not only experienced an incredible upswing, but has made so much profit that the cybercriminals are now more organised
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Ways to Improve Your Small Business Security

This is the fourth segment of a four part series devoted to helping small businesses understand cybersecurity and some of the steps that they can take to protect themselves. Small businesses are more susceptible to cybercrime simply due to the nature of the beast. Owners are embedded in the operations and success of the business and typically don’t have the additional staff to monitor and control potential breaches. It is

Cybercrime Cost

South Africans are feeling the effects of an increase in cyber crime, collectively costing victims over R3.42 billion rand over the past 12 months, according to a new report by Symantec. The report is based on interviews conducted with 13,022 adults from 24 countries (a minumum of 500 people per country), carried out between July and August 2013. Symantec’s data indicates that over 1 million South Africans had fallen victim
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Data Breach And SA Business

DLP (Data Loss Prevention) has been a main focus of companies throughout the world. But even with the billions of dollars spent in attempting to plug the leaks, South African companies continue to experience some of the highest data breach problems, placing proprietary information at risk. Corporations that are developing data loss prevention software have noted that DLP is anticipated to be the fastest-growing segment in security through 2018. While

2015: A Big Year for Cybercrime

It is anticipated that cyber-attacks will become more sophisticated in 2015 The statistics for cybercrime for 2014 are not all in yet, but it is anticipated the cyber-attacks will not only increase for 2015, but will bring more sophistication and diversification. Increased connectivity means that the reverberation of today’s cybercrime is faster and extends further with each data breach; and in seconds, the deed is done and the data is