Coronavirus Ups the Ante for Cyberattacks

Coronavirus Ups the Ante for Cyberattacks

The increased number of people that are now working from their homes has created a rich environment for hackers. While security in the office may have been stepped up, that is not always the case from home. COVID-19 attacks are covering the gamut, from ransomware to malicious spying and even some of the most diligent staffers are falling prey. stated: “Overall daily internet usage has increased around the world
Cybersecurity Best Tips and Practices

Cybersecurity Best Tips and Practices

The era of the image of a cybercriminal hiding in a basement for attacks is gone. While there may be a few that continue to use that method, a majority of those involved in cybercrime have developed into sophisticated entities that emulate the planning and execution of a well-organised corporation. The first step in protecting yourself and your company is to understand that cybercriminals have profited to such a degree

South African Healthcare Industry Vulnerable for Cyberattacks

Cyber criminals are always on the lookout for the easiest way to breach a system. In the past, this often involved sophisticated coding to break into a network and steal critical data. However, the criminals have changed their method of attack as well as their focus. Over the last year or so, they have turned their attention to those industries that are most vulnerable as well as making use of
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Cybersecurity Managed Services

There is a very high percentage of websites that have vulnerabilities that could potentially lead to the loss of sensitive corporate data. Think of a tap that leaks constantly, getting it fixed will take a few minutes but we procrastinate or put it on the list to do tomorrow, cyber security is similar, vulnerabilities need to be remedied immediately. Customer information is considered crucial information because in most cases, if

Cyber Risk Profiling

Our cyber analyst team works with you to identify your key cyber risk areas including your: industry profile, business processes, stakeholders, critical IT infrastructure, customers and suppliers, brands, proprietary assets, sensitive information and key competitors. As part of building your cyber risk profile, we automatically scan your perimeter and external, customer-facing systems for discovery and monitoring of potential vulnerabilities. Additionally, we can build out your cyber risk dossier to include