Three Important Approach Strategies for Application Security

Three Important Approach Strategies for Application Security

As countries around the globe step up their game to combat cybercrime, companies and organisations are being required to follow through with self-examination, upgrades, and consideration of all breach methods. The goal is to improve security through the design of an IT estate that is solid and well-maintained, with security procedures and processes that cover the gamut: IT, video, paper files, desktop, and all non-IT methods of retaining and processing
The High Price of Third-Party Data Access: More than Money

The High Price of Third-Party Data Access: More than Money

Early on, companies took a very serious view in their requirement standards for “data sharing” and this often included policies for access in production environments. However, even with strict compliance requirements, there are few that monitor anything else, let alone anyone to enforce the existing policies. This is one of the reasons that companies such as Google and other platform companies jumped in and held the “API-carrot” in front of
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Malvertising: Accessing Your Data through Legitimate Advertising

Both consumers and businesses have long made the assumption that malware is delivered in a variety of ways, but most are through accessing low-level websites or opening email. As with any form of cyber hacking, the criminals have developed even more sophisticated methods and the most recent has been sending malware through legitimate advertising areas.  This process has opened the portal to unknowing consumers that are downloading everything from ransomware
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Worst SA Breach Ever: Info and What You Can Do; Part 1

This is Part 1 of a 2-part series to offer information and potential actions on the serious data breach that is now affecting almost everyone in South Africa. As the fallout continues to cascade on the worst information and data security breach that has ever happened in South Africa, people are left stunned, angry and now looking to resources to help protect themselves and their families. If you were unaware

SA Data Attitudes Outdated

In the last five years there has been such an accelerated focus on external cybercrime that many of the SA companies have avoided or overlooked the potential for data security problems from internal sources. The attitude of plugging ‘leaks’ internally has also been met with resistance as staff and management insist that it reduces collaboration and creativity. The results have created a recipe for disaster as sensitive and proprietary data