The Art and Science of Cyber Security Forensics

Most people relate the term ‘forensics to the television shows that involve investigative authority organizations. Yet in today’s technology driven world we now have additional levels of forensics in the realms of the cyber universe. Unlike physical detection methods such as fingerprints or DNA, cyber security forensics involve delving into the depths of the data and information on the internet and whatever ‘rabbit hole’ direction that it takes. Techtarget offers

Cyber Forensic: Entering the Dark Side of Information Technology

When you watch some of the crime fighting programs on television, you get the impressions that their lives are filled with continually exciting moments. This is a requirement for ‘entertainment’ that does not exist in the world of standard forensics and it gets even worse when you deal with cyber forensics. Delving through piles of tedious data to find that single ‘golden nugget’ that represents a criminal activity requires professional

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics (sometimes known as digital forensic science) is a branch of forensic science encompassing the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices, often in relation to computer crime.The term digital forensics was originally used as a synonym for computer forensics but has expanded to cover investigation of all devices capable of storing digital data. Wikipedia Services we Offer: Mobile Forensics Computer Forensics Cloud Forensics Network Forensics Malware