Internet Piracy in South Africa: The Conditions and Consequences

As the internet continues to become the main source for entertainment, countries around the globe are stepping up to incorporate laws for internet use and access. The problem is that the internet itself is the main culprit for the inability to catch criminals that are involved in cybercrime, and countries such as South Africa may have cybersecurity laws in place, but they are both weak and rarely acted upon. This
The Battle Against TV Piracy in South Africa

The Battle Against TV Piracy in South Africa

Everyone pays a price for media piracy and it has become one of the major problems in South Africa. Downloading and illegal access to movies and television has been consistently increasing over the last number of years. While television is the highest in consumer spending, the net comes in second. A report done by Price Waterhouse Cooper’s Entertainment & Media Outlook (2015-2019) indicates that over the next five years we

Trapping and Convicting a South African Pirate TV Box Seller

Television piracy has increased over the last number of years to the point where many consumers are so accustomed to it that they are unaware of the fact that it is not only theft, but one that is being cracked down on with severe consequences. The cost of entertainment and media piracy is in the millions and there are now organizations as well as high level authorities that have been