Teaching You to Empower Your Security Abilities
Teaching You to Empower Your Security Abilities Things You Need to Know

Things You Need to Know

Every South African company is currently busy looking over their shoulders to make sure
they don’t fall prey to cyber criminals. However, it takes hard core actions to enact the kind
of 24/7 protection that organisations need. A majority of businesses are unaware of what they
really need to know to maintain the integrity of their companies, and DaVinci Cybersecurity
brings education and knowledge for self-empowerment.

Large cybersecurity companies treat their customers like numbers. DaVinci Cybersecurity
takes a very personalised approach with our clients, studying the nuances of your business,
what you may have already set in place for security, and working side by side with your
technical team. The concept of cybersecurity focuses on five areas:

 Identifying threats
 Keeping your proprietary data safe
 Detection of attacks and intrusions
 Timely response to attacks and intrusions
 Recovering database security and rebuilding defences

Cybersecurity Basics:

Training Your Employees: A majority of system breaches occur through simple human
error, and cybercriminals bet on the fact that a company is too busy to educate their staff. One
of the first things that DaVinci Cybersecurity does is to sit down with employees to let them
know the various methods these threat actors use to try to dupe them into letting them attack
a company’s network.

Security Your Network: The team at DaVinci Cybersecurity is renowned for understanding
the potential weak areas that a network may have. Whether it’s enterprise software or simply
allowing unsecured connectivity, we do a full analysis and make recommendations to tighten
up the system.

Questions and Answers: Many companies are researching whether they should use a VPN,
host their own cloud services, or how they need to change their backup procedures. As
technology is changing on an almost exponential basis, DaVinci Cybersecurity will address
all of the topics that an organisation has with suggestions for implementation.

Types of Cyber Threats: Beyond network attacks there are a number of methods that
criminals use and their success depends on how a company is prepared. DaVinci
Cybersecurity will educate staff, beef up a network, and recommend firewalls, but the most
important aspect is awareness of all the various attack forms. Cybercriminals have become more and more sophisticated and we work with IT departments to give constant updates on
any new threats.

Traffic and Authentication: A majority of companies pay little or no attention to incoming
or traffic on their networks and hasn’t implemented 2-step authentication. These weak links
are just two of the areas that threat actors use to test out whether a business is vulnerable.
DaVinci Cybersecurity accomplishes risk analysis traffic testing to examine changes, detect
potential breaches, and creates a complete plan to deter, defend and repair.

“DaVinci Cybersecurity takes the worry of cyber attacks with a very personal and
confidential approach. Our clients know that our team represents some of the best in South
Africa, and our record speaks for itself. When it comes to protecting our customers, we
ensure that we bring education and empowerment.”

Sharon Knowles, CEO DaVinci Cybersecurity

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