I have received the most amazing service from Da Vinci Forensics and my review of my experience with Da Vinci Forensics Pty Ltd follows:

I was scammed on a dating site…and it was the most frightening and awful experience that anyone could go through. To describe this I would say fear grips one and concern for the safety of your life, your family’s (whom you love and adore) lives are put at risk and it is like they know where to get and find you, they know your heart and they know everything about you. I became physically and mentally sick from the experience….then I was told about the company and Sharon Knowles.  I phoned her in a state of note. Now this is the incredible communication and work that this particular company does.

Firstly, she calmed me down, so I admire the manner in which they manage the client themselves i.e. me.  They were sympathetic and empathetic at a time that I was judging myself for being so stupid for being caught and putting my family at risk.

Secondly, she informed me of the background ‘happenings’ and how the scamsters work and what their goals are.

Thirdly she immediately did a first phase investigation and identified the scamster …I felt sick.

Fourthly, she supported me and spent time with my situation telephonically despite the fact that she herself was ill and under the weather. A sacrifice, as far as I am concerned as she totally understood what I was going through and ‘stuck’ with me during my stressful moment.

I would highly recommend using this company for any investigation of cyber fraud in any which way and for any reason.

I would like to congratulate Sharon who has completed a master’s degree in Digital expertise.  She and her company are literally saving the world and innocent people from being hurt and abused. I am a nurse and I care for people in a different way but this caring is equally needed in this world that has become so clandestine and evil.

Thank you, Sharon