Top 5 Industries that Need to Focus on Cybersecurity Training

One needs only hear the daily news to see the record number of system breaches that are occurring in South Africa and all around the world. Cybercriminals have become a lot savvier in their approaches and methods and most companies are less than prepared when a new bad actor enters the field and uses another style to steal important data. A report by Kaspersky Lab showed that 90% of breaches involve human error. Today, more than ever, cybersecurity training in South Africa has been elevated to become an absolute necessity. While all businesses are at risk, there are some that have shown more vulnerability simply due to the nature of their vertical.

Healthcare Industry

This industry is known for using new technologies and not all IT Departments or staff members are knowledgeable on how to maintain safety. While many healthcare companies struggle with laws and technology requirements, hospitals have been the most vulnerable as the administrative staff often doesn’t have up-to-date cybersecurity training or backgrounds to recognize a cyber attack. This situation has increased almost exponentially with the advent of COVID-19, where they may be overworked employees or understaffed conditions.

Manufacturing Industry

Over the last 20 years manufacturing has experienced an upheaval in changes as they adopt new technologies such as factory management platforms, robotics, and sensors. While these tools help to streamline the process they are also those that have made warehouse networks and factories easy targets for cybercriminals. The IoT (Internet of Things) devices that are now employed on a large scale in manufacturing open up more access points for cybercriminals to enter. The use of mobile devices that connect to the business network allows for an increase in such things as ransomware attacks and phishing. A well-planned, well-coordinated cybersecurity strategy combined with cybersecurity training for all staff can help to reduce the potential for a breach.

Construction Industry

While one might not think of the construction industry in high-tech terms, the industry has made many new changes by added technologies that expedite the processes. From remote design and communication for projects to mobile access to the network, cybercriminals know that there are a lot of entry points that have been left unguarded. Instructing staff both on and off site with proper cybersecurity training and a risk analysis of the network and IT Department for potential breaches with cybersecurity consulting can be the best investment to protect the company.

Finance Industry

An Intsights report has shown that 25% of all cyberattacks occur within the financial industry. Cybercriminals know that there is a wealth of information in these networks including both proprietary and customer personal data, credit cards, and ID numbers. The finance industry is an appealing target and with the use of more mobile devices and IoT (internet of things) technologies, it makes keeping a network secure very difficult. Cybersecurity training combined with consulting service to analyse potential areas that can be breached are the proactive steps to take in assuring that all are protected.

Retail Industry

Top 5 Industries that Need to Focus on Cybersecurity Training

Whether it is a brick-and-mortar location or online, retail and e-commerce are valuable targets for cybercriminals.

They know that these locations hold customer data such as credit cards as well as a company’s proprietary information for vendors and business transactions. Although almost all big-box retailers experience cyberattacks, the cybercriminals know that small to mid-sized companies rarely take the time for cybersecurity training or security consulting for risk analysis.

“DaVinci Cybersecurity specialises in tailoring cybersecurity consulting and training for our South African clients. We know and understand the nuances of small to large organisations and offer services that can keep employees informed as well as work with IT Departments to suggest network changes to protect all valuable information. Our workshops and training are some of the premier cybersecurity programs in South Africa”


Sharon Knowles, CEO DaVinci Cybersecurity



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