Cyber Security Training

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Cybersecurity Training

A majority of today’s cybercrime is initiated within the internal company systems. These situations may be innocent or deliberate, but are the most harmful in the security of the company.

The cost of invaded, stolen and hijacked business information extends into the billions around the world. Many of these situations could have been avoided with the correct education of business members.

Training staff is a priority aspect in deterring fraud attempts. Knowledgeable employees can become the first line of defence in protecting your company against a cyberattack.

training workshops seminars davinci

Da Vinci Forensics offers workshops and educational forums that are tailored to each individual business and include both IT professional and standard staff education. Our services bring a level of empowerment to the company members, allowing them to detect fraud at the initial stages and the appropriate actions to take for protection.

Da Vinci Forensics has partnered with a variety of service providers to ensure the highest and most up-to-date standards of information is shared.

Some of the topics that we cover in our forums and workshops include:
Social Engineering
Education on identifying malicious software
Proactive steps for a recognized cyberattack
Updates on the latest cybercriminal activities
Steps to protect personal and company information

Proper education of all company employees, combined with the most recent updates of new cybercrime activities can allow a business to take control of their own security in a cost effective manner.
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