How Secure is Blockchain?

If you have been hearing a lot about topics such as cryptocurrency and blockchain, you might have wondered what they are, what is the purpose, and whether or not blockchain is secure? As with anything that is digital, the answers are all in the design and encryption. In the case of blockchain, it was created as an alternative to standard finances with the goal of being “hack proof.” However, let
Latest Version of GandCrab Ransomware

Latest Version of GandCrab Ransomware

For anyone learning about cybercriminals, they must first recognise that these criminals are not only devious in their design of attack software, but always want to go for the “low hanging fruit.” In technology, the most vulnerable “fruit” continues to be legacy systems, and the latest version of GandGrab ransomware proves that they will continue to pursue this avenue because it brings the most success. Legacy systems are more difficult
Malvertising - davinciforensics

Malvertising: Accessing Your Data through Legitimate Advertising

Both consumers and businesses have long made the assumption that malware is delivered in a variety of ways, but most are through accessing low-level websites or opening email. As with any form of cyber hacking, the criminals have developed even more sophisticated methods and the most recent has been sending malware through legitimate advertising areas.  This process has opened the portal to unknowing consumers that are downloading everything from ransomware
5 Major Short List Topics to Help Deter Your Security Risk

5 Major Short List Topics to Help Deter Your Security Risk

Chief Information Security Officers have made some radical changes over the last year or so, including the understanding that security breaches involve a number of variables. From internal and external sources to the very technology that we use to do business, CISO’s are taking action to address these and other issues to deflect the risk of security problems.  The entire topic may seem overwhelming to some, but every company is

Ransomware Morphs Into “Destruction of Service”

There has been a dynamic shift in the direction that cyber criminals are taking and it appears that they are transitioning from a money-making focus to one that involves “destruction of service”. The entire goal of this type of ransomware reformat is to not only infiltrate the network of a company but to bring the entire network down. The sophistication of these breaches has entered a new realm, which includes