The Buzz About Fileless Malware

The Buzz About Fileless Malware

When it comes to being devious, cybercriminals are relentless and in their world this means seeking out new ways of thievery. Those that specialise in malware have been using standard methods for the last number of years. As security software and firewalls begin catching them, they are now developing a newer way to access your data and this involves what is being called “fileless malware.” Cybercrime relies on the fact

Swating: A Prank That Can Lead to Death

Invasion of privacy and security has taken on a new and deadly turn with the increase of a prank referred to as “Swating”. In this situation, a caller that may be many miles away, calls into the 911 emergency services to make a false report. The police respond, often storming a residence, and in the case of an unarmed Kansas man and father of two, he was shot and killed.
The Battle Against TV Piracy in South Africa

The Battle Against TV Piracy in South Africa

Everyone pays a price for media piracy and it has become one of the major problems in South Africa. Downloading and illegal access to movies and television has been consistently increasing over the last number of years. While television is the highest in consumer spending, the net comes in second. A report done by Price Waterhouse Cooper’s Entertainment & Media Outlook (2015-2019) indicates that over the next five years we

Trapping and Convicting a South African Pirate TV Box Seller

Television piracy has increased over the last number of years to the point where many consumers are so accustomed to it that they are unaware of the fact that it is not only theft, but one that is being cracked down on with severe consequences. The cost of entertainment and media piracy is in the millions and there are now organizations as well as high level authorities that have been

Can you Prepare for the Increased DDos Attack Techniques?

The number of DDoS (denial-of-service) attacks are increasing around the globe. While the average person or company doesn’t have any control over the DDoS attacks that can occur on a public network, there are a few tricks that companies can do to try to outwit the cybercriminals. DDoS attacks are designed for a specific purpose. They flood an enterprise with such a high volume of requests that it causes the