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Stop cyber-criminals from sending emails using your domain and protect your customers, suppliers and staff from attacks.

With Da Vinci Cybersecurity and Sendmarc’s DMARC compliance software, you can protect your domain from email phishing and impersonation attacks, which protects your staff, customers and suppliers.

DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication and Reporting, and it was created to prevent spammers from sending emails from your domain.
A DMARC record is a sort of email authentication that stands for Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance. In simple terms, DMARC is a security feature that you may apply to your domain to prevent spammers from spoofing it. DMARC isn't something you can turn on; it's something you have to do with your web host.

DMARC is a system that prevents unauthorised emails from being sent from your domain. However, DMARC deployment can be difficult, and if done incorrectly, your genuine emails may end up in spam or bounce.

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