Credential Stuffing Phishing

In a few surveys, it was estimated that nearing 81% of users reuse the same login and 25% use the same password across multiple accounts. Given that there are many cybercriminals that are successfully breaching various systems, all they have to have is stolen credentials that consist of usernames, emails and the corresponding passwords. Credential […]

Explaining Tabnabbing Phishing

Explaining Tabnabbing Phishing

Tabnabbing has been one of the tried and true forms of phishing since around 2010. The attacker takes advantage of the fact that many people are busy and don’t pay attention to the tabs that they open in their browser. The cyber criminal’s ability to imitate credible website views allows them to appear like a […]

Misinformation Reducing Security in Countries

Misinformation Reducing Security in Countries

It should first be stated that misinformation and published propaganda isn’t new. In the past those that wanted to spread what is now called “fake news” made use of the methods of the time: publications and radio. Laws in some countries made it difficult to extend false stories in the news media, but this completely […]

Job Post

False jobs Sites

There are a large number of South Africans looking for working and any advert is an opportunity for an unemployed person to submit their details and hope for the best. A popular job site on Facebook received a post advertising employment, using a short link (abbreviated url) to send job seekers to a page where […]

browser warning

Local website hacked for phishing expedition

A webserver hosted on the Telkom network, has been breached and used to host a phishing site.  Urlscan lists the site as with three levels of file systems as shown below. Cyber criminals do this to hide phishing sites. / 83de / journal / citi has confirmed that the domain had been […]