Misinformation Reducing Security in Countries

Misinformation Reducing Security in Countries

It should first be stated that misinformation and published propaganda isn’t new. In the past those that wanted to spread what is now called “fake news” made use of the methods of the time: publications and radio. Laws in some countries made it difficult to extend false stories in the news media, but this completely changed with the advent of the internet and social media popularity. This form of propaganda
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Local website hacked for phishing expedition

A webserver hosted on the Telkom network, has been breached and used to host a phishing site.  Urlscan lists the site as naphotography.co.za with three levels of file systems as shown below. Cyber criminals do this to hide phishing sites. Naphotography.co.za / 83de / journal / citi Urlscan.io has confirmed that the domain had been comprised and used for phishing. Harvesting information from victims is used by cyber criminals to
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Malvertising: Accessing Your Data through Legitimate Advertising

Both consumers and businesses have long made the assumption that malware is delivered in a variety of ways, but most are through accessing low-level websites or opening email. As with any form of cyber hacking, the criminals have developed even more sophisticated methods and the most recent has been sending malware through legitimate advertising areas.  This process has opened the portal to unknowing consumers that are downloading everything from ransomware

Protecting Against Gmail Virus Attack

Google and their email service, Gmail, have become the gold standard services for both individual and some company accounts. As a global corporation, Google has maintain levels of excellence that have not been surpassed by many and the additional features such as Google Map has made them the most popular in most of South Africa. However, with the advent of such a giant, there will be perpetrators that take advantage

Cyberwar And False Facebook Profiles

The popularity of Facebook as a social media outlet has brought cybercrime into a whole new level. Individuals are freely sharing their personal information and often, naively, not paying attention to the security that is needed to protect this data, this now allows perpetrators to not only access their information, but to create false identities for both individuals and companies. South Africa has joined the many other countries that is