CIS Vulnerability Cyber Assessment

CIS Vulnerability Cyber Assessment

Knowledge is power, assess to protect!! The "CIS Cyber Assessment" is different. It is a thorough “business” cyber assessment – not just an 'IT' assessment – The CIS cyber risk assessment will evaluate the organisation's cyber risks across your business practices, creating a cyber risk profile of your business operations including detailed IT requirements. To be effective across all potential cyber weaknesses – a cyber assessment must be based upon a recognised cyber standard (NIST)

Cyber Insurance

Because no one can protect you 100%!! Cyber-attacks against business are increasing, SME’s believe they are not at as much risk as their larger cousins, however, according to Kaspersky this has increased in 2020 were launched against smaller SME’s and 50 per cent of all cyber-attacks are targeted at SME's (Lindros, 2019). Perhaps the most important aspect of Cyber insurance for an SME is the incident response component. Larger organisations have internal

Specialist Cyber Insurance | Vulnerability Assessment

To get your cyber quote or request an assessment fill in the form below There is no 100% defence against cyber-attack It is clear there is no 100% defence against cyber-attack. As part of a holistic business cyber mitigation strategy, a bespoke cyber insurance policy will help to offset the high costs of providing incident response services and associated costs relating to a cyber breach event. Our Cyber insurance is
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Cybersecurity Managed Services

There is a very high percentage of websites that have vulnerabilities that could potentially lead to the loss of sensitive corporate data. Think of a tap that leaks constantly, getting it fixed will take a few minutes but we procrastinate or put it on the list to do tomorrow, cyber security is similar, vulnerabilities need to be remedied immediately. Customer information is considered crucial information because in most cases, if

Assessing Your Company’s Risk Profile

The global community may have brought the world closer together but it has also introduced enhanced security risks for companies in all verticals.+- Even the most diligent and well-known corporations have experienced an increase in attacks on proprietary and customer information. It is more important than ever for companies to be proactive in the protection against potential damage. There has been a significant shift in cybercrime, with less attention on