Cyberprotect Package Entrepreneur


Cyber Protect combines backup, anti-malware, cybersecurity, and endpoint management capabilities such as vulnerability assessments, URL-filtering, patch management, and more for a next-generation solution.



Cyber protect backup

We all have valuable personal data on various devices, such as family photos, important documents, and cherished memories. Yet not all of us can confidently say that data is protected.

Data loss happens unexpectedly for various reasons, including hardware failure, accidental deletion, malware attacks, or even natural disasters. Cloud services for file sharing are unreliable; deleted or corrupted files can also disappear from the cloud. Only a reliable backup tool provides peace of mind.

Most backup tools fail users because they are complicated or require sophisticated configuration. We designed our tool for busy people who only want reliable personal backups.

Advanced e-mail Security 

Block all email-based threats, including spam, phishing, BEC scams ( corporate email vulnerability), malware, advanced persistent threats ( APT ) and zero-day attacks, before they reach users’ Microsoft 365, Google Workspace or Open-Xchange mailboxes. Take advantage of the next-generation cloud-based email security solution with Perception Point technology.