Chris Wray

Stop paying ransoms to hackers says the FBI

WASHINGTON, June 23 (Reuters) – On Wednesday, FBI Director Chris Wray urged public corporations and other hacking victims to avoid paying a ransom, citing worry that doing so would incite cybercriminals to increase their activities in the future. “In general, we would advise against paying the ransom because it encourages more of these attacks and, […]

Ransomware Attack on Pipeline Alerts Companies to Dangers

Ransomware Attack on Pipeline Alerts Companies to Dangers

Cyber criminals using ransomware have been around for a long time however in the last 5 years or so they have changed their methods of attack from private citizens to larger, more lucrative victims. In the last few years, hackers have focused on the bigger medical institutions and in May 2021 they sent their malware […]

Cybercriminals Prey on Telegram & Signal Users

Cybercriminals Prey on Telegram & Signal Users

The problem with extremist apps, websites, and social media is that those that join them are typically also those that believe conspiracy theories. In other words, they have a desire to believe what they want instead of fact checked sources and their gullibility makes them easy prey for cybercriminals. The popularity of apps such as […]

DDos Attacks in South Africa Affect Every Aspect of Life

Hackers have made South Africa a target for massive DDos attacks, and there doesn’t seem to be an area of life that hasn’t been affected. In what appears to be an all-out “war,” the cyberattacks have hit banks, ISPs, governments, and even power grids. The onslaught has been so severe that all IT Departments are […]


Attack Path Mapping: Protecting your Company’s “Crown Jewels” from Hackers

Security companies have taken on a new and innovative approach in the protection of proprietary corporate information. Traditional security approaches aren’t viable, even though higher dollar amounts are being invested. Attack Path Mapping or APM is a risk assessment as security departments see that the cybercriminals are making use of a shadow access via an […]