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Local website hacked for phishing expedition

A webserver hosted on the Telkom network, has been breached and used to host a phishing site.  Urlscan lists the site as with three levels of file systems as shown below. Cyber criminals do this to hide phishing sites. / 83de / journal / citi has confirmed that the domain had been […]

The ease of hacking smart homes and offices and How You Can Protect Yourself

The ease of hacking smart homes and offices and How You Can Protect Yourself

Smart homes and offices were once thought to be the wave of the future, but are clearly here now. When it comes to new technologies, we seem to never be able to get enough and new devices are being added every day for efficiency and convenience. As many are jumping on the bandwagon to transition […]


Bitcoin Wallet Hacking: The Latest Attacks and How to Protect Yourself

Wherever there is money, it is almost a given that there will be hacking attempts to steal it and one of the most popular methods of keeping your transactions secret has been cryptocurrency. This is a type of ‘virtual money’ that can be spent anywhere in the world and there are a number of cryptocurrency […]

The Sonar botnet panel.

All About Ransomware

In the last few years a rather nasty form of malware has been showing up in both private and business systems. Known as ‘ransomware’, these cybercriminals do not try to hide the fact that they have stolen your information and data, in fact they display a screen informing the victim of the fact and demanding […]