Latest Version of GandCrab Ransomware

Latest Version of GandCrab Ransomware

For anyone learning about cybercriminals, they must first recognise that these criminals are not only devious in their design of attack software, but always want to go for the “low hanging fruit.” In technology, the most vulnerable “fruit” continues to be legacy systems, and the latest version of GandGrab ransomware proves that they will continue to pursue this avenue because it brings the most success. Legacy systems are more difficult
The Sonar botnet panel.

All About Ransomware

All About Ransomware In the last few years a rather nasty form of malware has been showing up in both private and business systems. Known as ‘ransomware’, these cybercriminals do not try to hide the fact that they have stolen your information and data, in fact they display a screen informing the victim of the fact and demanding payment for the release. In essence, your data and business network is

Ransomware Software Evolves

May 25, 2015 was the beginning of increased reports from companies all over the world, indicating a system compromise. As the panic calls came in, it appeared that there was a new ransomware problem that was very similar to the “CryptoLocker” virus, but since that had already been diffused, the fear was that this was one that had evolved. Bleeping Computer’s Lawrence Abrams called this new variation of ransomware, ‘Locker’.

Ransomware Alert for Linux: Linux.Encoder 1

Unlike other ransomware viruses, the Linux.Encoder 1 is very specific: It attacks the administrators and webmasters of the Linux system and it is deadly accurate. The focus of this ransomware is designed to accomplish a two-fold objective: breach those administrators that have the most privileges while attacking on a psychological level in reducing the administrators to the point of feeling vulnerable. Originally uncovered by an antivirus and research company, DrWeb,

Cryptowall 4.0 The Latest and Nastiest Ransomware

It seems like only yesterday that the Cryptowall 3 malware was discovered and reduced to ashes; but although less than a year, the designers of this ransomware have now released Cryptowall 4.0 and they have added a few twists that are not only deadlier, but now treats the users in a condescending manner.Multiple professional security organisations around the globe are reporting the appearance of Cryptowall 4.0. It is being distributed