CIPC breached

CIPC Breached

The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) in South Africa recently fell victim to a significant cyberattack, triggering concerns about the security of personal and corporate data. The CIPC, an agency under the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition, is responsible for the registration of companies, cooperatives, and intellectual property rights. This cyberattack compromised the […]

Why Prioritising Digital Security Matters

“Securing Your Digital Fort: Why Prioritising Digital Security Matters More Than Ever” Why Prioritising Digital Security Matters More. In an era dominated by technology, the significance of securing digital assets has never been more critical.                                          […]

How to Reduce Third-Party Risk

The chance that a third-party vendor or supplier will expose your company to a cybersecurity vulnerability is known as third-party risk. There are several different ways for this to occur, including a system failure, a data leak, or a hostile attack. In South Africa, third-party risk is becoming a bigger problem for businesses of all […]