Website Audits
Website Audits

When your site is vulnerable you open your business up to all sorts of malicious attacks.

If you arrived at work tomorrow and your website was down, your data gone and there was no way to do business, what would your financial loss be? Your website is infected with malware and any visitor to your site would be in potential danger.

Whether you sell crafts or a top e-tailer, your site can be hacked.

Everyday, somebody is a victim.

We can assist and help you find and rectify these vulnerabilities with our Website Security Audit.

What do I get for my Audit?

Inspection of Server Configuration;
Inspection of Database;
Inspection of  Files, Themes and Plugins;
Full Report

How long does my Audit take?

We usually work on about three days to complete your audit and get a report back to you. we will need access to certain areas of your site.

What happens after the Audit?

Once the audit is completed we send you a report on any vulnerabilities and areas of concern that we find. Based on the findings and level of severity we will propose a remedy.


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