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Data Breach And SA Business

DLP (Data Loss Prevention) has been a main focus of companies throughout the world. But even with the billions of dollars spent in attempting to plug the leaks, South African companies continue to experience some of the highest data breach problems, placing proprietary information at risk. Corporations that are developing data loss prevention software have noted that DLP is anticipated to be the fastest-growing segment in security through 2018. While
Security Breaches in China can Result in the Death Penalty

Security Breaches in China can Result in the Death Penalty

China has some of the most severe punishments of the death penalty that encompass a variety of crimes. Some of the most serious are those that are considered to be problems for state security and these can run the gamut from the political to security breaches According to the Death Penalty Database, “The number [of those that have been executed] is a state secret. It is difficult to estimate because

Scottrade suffers major data breach

October is Cyber Security awareness month, somewhat ironic in light of the retail brokerage firm Scottrade Inc, who just disclosed a breach involving contact information and possibly Social Security numbers on 4.6 million customers, in late 2013-early 2015. CNBC, news associate Jacob Pramuk goes on to explain that, “the incident took place around late 2013 and early 2014 and the affected database contains Social Security numbers and email addresses of