Vigilance against cybercrime

Cybercrime activity has become rampant as of late and includes: identity fraud, online scams, cyber theft and cyber extortion. Given that networks are typically penetrated over the internet the criminals involved continuously develop new techniques to breach data. It’s estimated that over half of cybercrime activity is the work of organised crime gangs typically operating in countries such as South Africa, where regulation is weak. The Norton Report found that

Polymorphic Virus: Deadliest For Your System and Network

Cyber criminals have made a business of their attacks and it has proven to be quite profitable for them. They typically have one of two purposes: access critical and proprietary information for sale or ransom or to simply encrypt the content of your computer system or network and demand a ransom for the encryption key. To understand why the polymorphic virus is the most devious, one must know the differences.

Apple Store Apps Hit with Malware

Users of Apple iPhone and iPad products have been a bit stunned as the release of the information came forward regarding dozens of apps that contained iOS malware that were placed on the Apple Store. The malware, called XcodeGhost, was discovered and then removed from dozens of apps available for download from the store. According to Alibaba, a report from Palo Alto Networks, Inc. indicated that Chinese app developers were

Malware Found on Security Cameras Available Through Amazon

Malware on security cameras? Security comes in many forms, and they’re not always compatible with one another. That’s what a security researcher named Mike Olsen found when he went to set up an outdoor surveillance system that he had purchased on Amazon from a seller called Urban Security Group. As Olsen writes in a blog post, he found himself frustrated by the cameras’ configuration interface, so he looked at their administrative

Malware Today – In A Nutshell

About Malware, That Nasty Software That Can Ruin Your Business Malware is a term which means ‘malicious software’ and it is designed to allow software to access your computer and network without your knowledge. The cybercriminals that create these nasty programs each have a unique purpose, but the commonality of all is to gain access to sensitive information, proprietary data and personal data in a silent attack, and then leave. Considering