Things to Know and Actions to Take for Your Data and Privacy

The digital age has brought into play a number of changes that are not only required but critical to maintaining security for both private individuals and companies. Keeping sensitive information safe for a business is a high priority, and cybercriminals (also known as “threat actors”) devote hours to trying to breach company systems. Cybercrime has […]


What is the purpose of the Act? • The purpose of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 (often referred to as “PAIA”) is to give effect to section 32 of the Constitution. Section 32 provides for “the right of access to information” and states that “everyone has the right of access to any […]

POPI Act Finally Has the Power

POPI Act Finally Has the Power | Data Protection SA

POPIA is empowered with the ability to investigate and fine responsible parties for lack of compliance in data protection.

Will PoPI Lead to More Extortion?

Will PoPI Lead to More Extortion?

In November, 2013, the President enacted PoPI and since that time there have been continual questions as to when all of the process will in effect. While some of the portions of the Act came into effect in 2014, there has been a number of substantial revisions that require future dates for such lawful processing […]

Human Error And Data Breaches

In a time known for cyber hackers, a majority of suspicion for any security breach has been to look to external forces, often on an international level. Cybercrime in South Africa has been at such a scale, that the government instituted the PoPI Act (Protection of Personal Information). However, based on a new study, it […]