DARPA attacked.
DARPA attacked.

The Snatch gang claims to have hacked the Department of Defence South Africa and added the military organisation to its leak site.

The data leak site of the Snatch ransomware group now includes the Department of Defence in South Africa.

The core objective of the Department of Defence is to furnish, oversee, prepare, and utilise defence capacities appropriate for South Africa’s requirements, as governed by the Constitution, domestic laws, and guidance from the parliamentary and executive bodies.

According to the group’s assertions, they have acquired Military contracts, internal call signs, and personal information, totaling a substantial 1.6 terabytes of data. Should the attack be substantiated, the exposure of sensitive information could potentially pose a grave threat to the entities engaged in the mentioned contracts.

The site appears to be up: http://www.dod.mil.za/

In October 2022, the Snatch ransomware collective alleged responsibility for breaching HENSOLDT France, a French firm renowned for its focus on military and defence electronics.

Emerging towards the conclusion of 2019, the Snatch ransomware garnered initial attention when experts from Sophos identified a component within its code. This specific element orchestrates a reboot of infected computers into Safe Mode, effectively sidestepping resident security measures.

Source: Pierluigi Paganini


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